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Wallum - Your New Simple Wallet

The new simple wallet out of aircraft-grade aluminium designed for your day-to-day life. A Wallum wallet helps to prevent RFID-theft. Made in Austria.

Schleif-Tec Kunibert Mueller GmbH

Schleif-Tec Kunibert Müller GmbH

A production company with 25 motivated employees which produce precise and innovative products with the newest production technologies in Austria.

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Maxem Trading GmbH
Hopbach 13
6840 Goetzis

VAT-No/UID-Nr: ATU68525189

Tax Number/Steuernummer: 98 182/7785

Firmenbuchnummer: 410714t

Handelsgericht Feldkirch

General Manager: Maximilian Mueller

Phone: +43 699 120 55 445